The Winter's Tale Chui tract

We offer to make a trip along the legendary Chuysk on-road vehicles. The program also includes horse ride to the lake, emotional conversation with the Shaman Altai, traditions, customs and rituals of the peoples living on the territory of Altai.
1,1k /The Winter's Tale Chui tract Зимняя сказка Чуйского тракта
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
The Winter's Tale Chui tract
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Altai is beautiful at any time of the year, winter is no exception, when in front of your eyes open completely unique panorama winter taiga. Bright contrasting combination of dark green needles, dazzling white snow and amazing blue sky. Glistening in the sun slopes of the majestic mountain ranges, veiled away frosty mist. Blue Ribbon frozen rivers and waterfalls. Amazingly clean air. Ringing silence. Is not it a fairy tale? We offer to make a trip along the legendary Chuysk on-road vehicles. The program also includes horse ride to the lake, emotional conversation with the Shaman Altai, traditions, customs and rituals of the peoples living on the territory of Altai. However, all the fun that you can imagine. Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland Chui tract!

Длительность:7 дней
Старт программы из:Горно-Алтайск, Россия
Формат программы:
Размер группы:от 6
Требования к опыту:Опыт не требуется
Уровень сложности:Легкий
Включенные опции:Медицинская поддержка
Сезон:Зима, Весна, Осень
Обслуживание на языках:Русский, English, Deutsch
  • Transportation service from Barnaul on tour and back;
  • Three meals a day;
  • Rental equipment under the program;
  • Accommodation 2-4 bed
  • recreation fee
  • Medical insurance.
Не включено

Rental of ski and other equipment for skiing, use of lifts paid in addition to the fact.


1 day
Meeting at the airport or train station in Barnaul (Gorno-Altaisk). Moving on Chuysk - the main road of the Altai Republic (Car 500 km). This is an interesting road crossing all climatic zones. On a relatively small move can be seen changing nature areas, a large number of monuments of nature - geology, water and landscape. In ancient times, here we ran the ancient trade routes, this way the tribes were invaders from Asia to passing Siberia to reach Europe. Dinner with tasting of dishes Altai food. Presentation Wizard of throat singing. Secrets of sound national musical instruments. Overnight at the hotel Uch-Enmek.


2 day
Tour "Secrets of the Sacred Valley." It was here in Karakol valley accumulated energy of millennia, expressed in large mounds, steles, rock paintings, and in the culture of the Altai people. The Archaeological respect - this is one of the richest areas of the Altai Mountains. The earliest findings here relate to the Paleolithic era, recorded burial mounds from the Bronze Age, dedicated to the unique culture of Karakol. The basis of the complex make up a large Scythian burial mounds belonging to tribal and tribal nobility. There is reason to believe that this area is not only the necropolis and the largest sanctuary of Altai.
Meeting with a shaman. The rite of purification and worship Altai. Getting to know the culture and life of local people.
Overnight at the hotel Uch-Enmek.


3 day
Horseback riding around Lake Aru-Kem (4-5 hours). This small mountain lake. From the observation deck, located a 15-minute walk away, is visible tip of Uch-Enmek. Its three peaks are among the most respected in the Altai. It is located in the protected area of the park. Residents of Karakol Valley believe in cleaning siluUch-Enmek and say that guests leave here with a pure thought, with three times the power of love and kindness. Uch-Enmek - a sacred mountain Altai, whose name literally means "three crown".
Overnight at the hotel Uch-Enmek.


4 day
Continue journey Chuysk (car 200 km). Throughout today's move a huge amount of interesting places to explore: Katun terraces, Yalomanskoe settlement, suspension bridge Tsaplina, stone sculptures, rock paintings, burial mounds, the confluence of the Katun and Chuya, the Katun and Chui Boma sanctuary Kalbak-Tash. Legends, traditions, historical and archaeological evidence, ethnographic details in addition to the extraordinarily beautiful natural resources. Accommodation in the tour complex in wooden houses (conveniences in territory).


5 day
Check out the waterfalls and Chibitsky Vucharah (car 10 km, 5 km on foot). Falls in the winter are amazing, fascinating spectacle. Picturesque and the surrounding landscape - a view of the river valley. Feeling, cliffs, swathed in snow outfit larch-spruce forest. All this creates the impression of a mysterious kingdom of the winter.
In the evening you expect a very hot bath and swimming in the hole. Overnight in a complex of wooden houses (conveniences in territory).


6 day
Check for Chuysk to the border with Mongolia (car 180 km). Familiarity with the way of life of the indigenous population - Telengits in the museum with. Kokoro. Visiting the museum of the Kazakh steppe in the village of Chui Jean-Aul. The area in the historical past, is home to various ethnic groups. Currently, there coexist Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, Islam. Each ethnic group of the population as possible has retained its traditions, rituals, customs, language, spiritual and ecological values.
The ultimate goal of our today's trip Tashanta village - the last settlement on the Chu tract. The road goes on, crossing the Russian-Mongolian border, it goes deep into Mongolia. The border is 15 km from the village. Tashanta the pass Durbet-Daba 2481 m). Return to the complex, accommodation in wooden houses (conveniences in territory).


7 day
Departure for Ulagansky pass (car 60 km). In p. Aktas turned off from Chui tract on Ulagansky. After 8 kilometers drive through the famous Red Gate - a rocky passage between Aygulakskim Kurai and ridges. Once it made its way to the river only Chibit River, then rock crevice widened and paved road, suitable for the movement of vehicles. The rocks have a reddish tint, giving a special flavor of the surrounding terrain. Continue to stir until Ulagan saddle height is 2080m. From the pass panorama Eastern Altai, Kurai Ridge and Ulagan plateau. In the afternoon departure to UTC Seminsky Pass skiing, inflatable sled or a sightseeing excursion (depending on weather conditions). Departure Barnaul (700 km auto) / Gorno-Altaisk.
* Transfer to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk on the 8th day of the tour at 5:30 - 6:00 am. It is necessary to find a hotel for one night (from 7 to 8 days). Accommodation is not included in the tour price.


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  • Бесплатная отмена бронирования возможна не менее чем за 60 дней до даты реализации программы участником.
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