Snowy charm Chemal

A great many enthusiastic epithets suggested to the Chemal and its surroundings. We offer standard and know its charm. The unique microclimate of the area are caused mild winters with little snow. It would be a pity not to take advantage of this generous gift of nature.
1,5k /Snowy charm Chemal Заснеженное очарование Чемала
Snowy charm Chemal
Snowy charm Chemal
Snowy charm Chemal
Snowy charm Chemal
Snowy charm Chemal
Snowy charm Chemal
Snowy charm Chemal
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A great many enthusiastic epithets suggested to the Chemal and its surroundings. We offer standard and know its charm. The unique microclimate of the area are caused mild winters with little snow. It would be a pity not to take advantage of this generous gift of nature. In addition, the beauty of the Altai winter: snow, sparkling in the sun peaks, fabulous winter forest, beautiful Katun in the icy dress and, of course, extremely clean air. Pleased to meet you at the Museum of Russian dolls. Talk about archaeological sensations of the area. Reveal the secrets of the underworld. Given the joy of communicating with the horse. At the end you will have the opportunity to go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing in inflatable GLA Manzherok.

Длительность:6 дней
Старт программы из:Горно-Алтайск, Россия
Формат программы:
Размер группы:от 6
Требования к опыту:Опыт не требуется
Уровень сложности:Легкий
Включенные опции:Медицинская поддержка
Сезон:Зима, Весна, Осень
Обслуживание на языках:Русский, English, Deutsch
  • Transportation service from Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk on tour and back;
  • Accommodation in standard rooms for 2 people
  • Three meals a day
  • Medical insurance.
  • recreation fee


Не включено

Rental of ski and other equipment for skiing, use of lifts paid in addition to the fact.


Day 1

Meeting at the airport or train station in Barnaul (Gorno-Altaisk). Moving on to a Chuysk. Cheposh (car 300 km). Visiting the museum of Russian folk doll. This whole puppet kingdom, consisting of 200 wide variety of dolls - the game, ritual, oberezhnyh, ritual. Each doll created based on ethnographic research allows us to show how our ancestors saw the world around us and our place in it. The museum is located within the complex of the Russian culture in the old hut. You will have a unique opportunity to make their own hands a small doll oberezhnuyu. Overnight at the tourist complex.


2 day

tour of the Automotive Oroktoyskuyu cave (car 120 km). Moving along the path Chemalsky up the right bank of the river. Katun. Familiarity with the history of ancient peoples living on the territory of the Altai Mountains in different eras. Ancient burial mounds. Cave drawings. Biykinskaya caves and grottos that have preserved traces of ancient man here. The lunar landscape of the canyon rapids Teldekpen. Offers a glimpse into one of the caves in the Altai - Oroktoyskuyu. Man has always attracted the unknown, mysterious caves - is one of the mysterious puzzles created by nature. They allow a person to look deep into the Earth to find out the contents of its bowels, look grand, impressive work of water. Overnight at the tourist complex.


Day 3

Auto and walking tour to the Blue Lake (4 km). According to legend, he had been the daughter of Khan Altai - Katun. As any girl, she was very amorous, and many heroes attracted her charming eyes, caring father to keep the sun from the eyes of his beloved daughter allowed her to show them only in winter. The lakes are in line with the Katun River, and in the summer they are closed with water in the winter, the water level falls code, beautiful eyes beauty delight everyone who gets near. The dark green pine trees in snow-white winter plumage framed bowl with water lakes amazing deep blue. The lakes are small but rather deep and 17 meters.

On the lake to play, relax, drink tea in the fragrant herbs of the Altai. Return to the tourist complex.


Day 4

Horseback riding along the left bank of the Katun River (4-5 hours in the saddle). Snowy forest, frosty air, the charm of opening landscapes, hot herbal tea, chatting with graceful animals - a pledge of good mood and the most positive emotions. Excursion to the hydroelectric power station, which is considered the hallmark of Chemal region. A visit to the island of Patmos - amazingly beautiful places of the Altai Mountains. Here in 1915 was moved to a wooden church, built in 1849 in Chemal, which eventually collapsed. By 2001, the church was rebuilt and consecrated again. In the temple, there is a gradual update of old icons. On the stone island nun knocked the image of the Virgin and Child in her arms. Next to the church is the monastery of St. John the Theologian. Overnight in tourist complex


Day 5

Transfer to the ski resort Manzherok (car about 60 km). Climbing cableway. Panorama of snow-capped peaks of the North-Eastern Altai will satisfy even the most discerning audience. Skiing. Snow tubing.

Overnight at the tourist complex.


Day 6

For a trip to the beautiful gorge Karym a visit to Maral. The farm is located on the picturesque slopes of the mountain ranges. During the tour you are more familiar with the noble animals - Maral and learn about the benefits of products maralovodstva. You will have a unique opportunity to trace the entire process of manufacturing pantosoderzhaschih products.

A trip to Merry Mount. Kanani on the ice mountain. Horse-sleigh riding.

Departure to Barnaul (300 km cars).

Transfer to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk on the 7th day of the tour at 5:30 - 6:00 am. It is necessary to find a hotel for one night (from 6 to 7 days). Accommodation is not included in the tour price.


Памятки и инструкции

Условия оплаты и отказа

  • Гарантированное бронирование осуществляется по предоплате 15% от суммы заявки, не менее чем за 60 дней до даты реализации программы, или 100% оплате заявки, если менее.
  • Бесплатная отмена бронирования возможна не менее чем за 60 дней до даты реализации программы участником.
  • В случае отказа от программы менее чем за 60 дней до даты её реализации удерживается 15% от суммы заявки.
  • В случае отказа от программы менее чем за 30 дней удерживается 100% уплаченной суммы.
  • Полный возврат средств участнику возможен, если участнику или организатору удаётся найти замену до даты реализации программы.
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