Meeting with Altai

It is the Great tour letting you see the most of indicative historical places of Altai and its nature diversity. During the tour you go by a comfortable bus with an experienced guide and interpreter.
1,1k /Meeting with Altai Знакомство с Алтаем
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
Meeting with Altai
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Длительность:8 дней
Старт программы из:Барнаул, Россия
Финиш программы в:Барнаул, Россия
Формат программы:
Подходит для людей:от 8 до 80 лет
Размер группы:от 6 до 30 человек
Требования к опыту:Опыт не требуется
Уровень сложности:Легкий
Включенные опции:Баня / Сауна
Сезон:Лето, Осень
Обслуживание на языках:Русский, English, Français
Город, страна прибытия:Барнаул, Россия
Аэропорт прибытия:BAX, Аэропорт Барнаул
Город, страна отъезда:Барнаул, Россия
Аэропорт отъезда:BAX, Аэропорт Барнаул

- transfer from and to the airport,

- all tour rides on a comfortable off-road minibus,

- meals according to the program,

- program excursions,

- guide- interpreter services ,

- museum tickets,

- recreational meetings,

- “Rossgosstrakh” insurance (medical costs),

- visiting Russian banya (sauna) according to the program

Не включено

Additional charges in touristic complexes,



personal expenses


Day 1. National museum of Republic Altai- (430 km by auto).

Morning arrival in Barnaul. Meeting at the airport. Breakfast in a café, rest. Meeting with guides in the foyer of the hotel. Transfer to a restaurant, lunch*. Excursion around the central and historical parts of Barnaul. . After that we moving to the heart of the Gornyi Altai- the Teletskoye lake. The lake occupies the fifth place in Russia among the deepest (325 m) lakes of our country. The length of the lake is 78 km, maximum width up to 5 km, and its Area is relatively small - 223 km2, but thanks to a great depth in it contains a huge amount (40 km3) excellent fresh water, oxygen-rich, transparent to a depth of 12-15 meters.

On the way make a stop at home of V. M. Shukshin, known Altai writer, actor, Director, in the village of Srostki. In Gorno-Altaisk you will visit the National Museum. A. V. Anokhin by name, with one of its main exhibits – the mummy "Altai Princess" found on the Ukok Plateau. Lunch in a cafe. Arrival on the lake Teletskoe, accommodation in a comfortable twin rooms on the hotel "Artubash". Dinner in a cafe.


Day 2. Pearl of Altai Mountains, silver spring. (70 km by boat, 4 km by foot).

Today you will walk on a speedboat on the Teletskoe Lake with visiting waterfalls Korbu, inspection of Kisht waterfall, as well as entering to the “Stone Bay” where according to legend a meteorite fell. During our walk the guide will tell us about different legends of Teletskoye lake, climatic and landscape features of mountain pond. Guests will get acquainted with the theory of the origin of the lake from the point of view of sciences and Altai mythology. During the excursion you can admire the beauty of lake, majestic mountains, steep rocky cliffs, a wonderful view of the southern bank. The Waterfall Korbu ( height 12.2 m.) – the most picturesque waterfall in Altai State Nature Reserve.

After the excursion we return to the hotel complex “Artubash”. Lunch in a café. In the afternoon walk to the Silver Spring. Silver Spring has been known for a long time. In 1839 it was consecrated by the Reverend Makarios Nevsky, the founder of the Orthodox Mission in Altai. Water source is enriched with silver ions, and has health properties. Near the cedar grove the source of silver is growing extremely powerful 500-year-old cedar , who willingly shares his power with anyone who tries to embrace his powerful trunk, but in order to cover the whole trunk of the tree you need at least 4 persons. On the back way we can visit the Art salon and souvenir shops. There will be an opportunity to purchase honey, local herbs, art, items made of cedar. Return to the complex “Artubash”. Dinner


Day 3. Lake "Manzherok", Kamyshinski waterfalls (270 km - by car, motorafting - 4 km.)

Breakfast. Moving in the valley of the Katun River and on to the village Chemal. On the way of our trip we visit the village Manzherok where you visit the lake with the same name and local ski-resort. On the lake grows water chestnut - “chilim” which is preserved with preglacial period. Walk by cableway on the “Sinukha” mountaing”. From the top of the hill you can see a beautiful view of the valley Katun and the lake “Manzherok”. Lunch in a cafe. Moving to the village Barangol. Here we take a trip by motorafts to a spectacular 12 meters waterfall Kamyshinski. After the excursion visiting the Chemal, accommodation on the tourist complex "Kedr" in the comfortable twin rooms. Dinner in a cafe.


Day 4. Chemal tract - Che Chkysh (40 km by auto, 4 km- by foot.)

Breakfast. At the first part of the day we organize the excursion “Chemal walk”. During the tour we will visit Chemal Hydroelectric power which is located in the southern part of the village. Hydroelectric power is one of the first in the region, built in 1935. Then we go on the “goat trail” along the river Katun and appear on the rocky island –Patmos. On the Patmos Island we can visit little church of the female monastery of Barnaul Znamensky church. The island is connected with the shore of the river with the help of suspension bridge. Next to the temple in the rock is carved image of the Virgin and Child. An image of Mother of God with the baby was carved in the rock near the Church. Next tour to Altay national house - ail. Here you can feel the atmosphere of Х-ХIII century, travel “back in time”, get acquainted with the life and way of life, customs, culture, history, the pagan religion of the nomadic Altai tribes. Lunch in the village. After lunch, along upstream Katun river to the Che Chkysh tract. On the local language it means “narrow”, but local people call it the valley of the “ Mountain Spirits”. The gorge is hidden from prying eyes. Due to this arrangement, the gorge has repeatedly served as a shelter Altai tribes during internecine wars, in ancient times. The place is very beautiful- a mountain gorge surrounded by 150 meters of climb . The gorge is narrow, sometimes for about 15-20 meters in width. In the gorge flows clear mountain stream passing into the low ( 4 meters) waterfall. You can pass along waterfall because it falls a little bit far from the wall of the cliff. There is an ancient belief that those who pass along the waterfall get health and wealth because the stream has a magical power. Then we go to the hill to the observation platform, which offers a magnificent view over the valley of the river Katun. It feels incredible energy that gives lightness and lifting. This area is suitable for meditation and conduct ceremonies. You can simply enjoy the beautiful views and make some good photos. Transfer to the tourist complex “Kedr”. Dinner at the cafe.


Day 5. Chuyski tract (290 km by auto)

After breakfast we moving along the ancient trade route - Chuyski tract. On the way we will overcome two passes: the highest point Seminskii pass (1739 m above the sea level) and the picturesque serpentine type Chiket-Aman pass (1295 m above sea level), we will see the ancient tombs of the Turks, and stone women who protect the tombs. Lunch in the cafeteria "Chui-Oozy", where we can try traditional Altai cuisine. Beyond the Kopchegen village the Chuyski tract overlooks the rock wall Kor-Chegu (from Altai “fatal crossing”) - this is a huge pyramid-sand cliffs overhanging over the road. The series of rock walls stretche to the village Malyi Yaloman. At this point, Katun river is most violent, deep and extremely fast. Then visit the place where the river Chuya flows into Katun river. Then visit Kalbak-Tash Hole and sightsee rock paintings – petroglyphs. More than 500 formations with more than 5 thousand pictures are drawn on the rocky flattened elevation, situated across the valley of Chuya River. They all are carved with stone or metal tools mainly in a dotty way. The most ancient pictures are dated to the 8th century BC.

Arrive at ECO tour complex “Kochevnik”, located on the banks of the river Chuya. Accommodation in a house. Facilities are on the territory. Dinner in a canteen. Russian banya (sauna) with the possibility of dip in a mountain river Chibitka.


Day 6. Geyser Lake

Breakfast. Excursion along Chuysky Trak in the Mongolian border direction. From a huge intermountain kettle of Kuraiskaya steppe you will be able to observe an amazing view of snow peaks of Severo-Ghuysky range with the highest points – Aktru-Bash (4075m), Karatash (3534m). Great place for photo and video shooting of sunset over the snow-capped peaks of the mountains.

On the way back short hiking to the picturesque Geyser lake. The lake is the only one of its kind in the Altai - a rare beauty, clean, non-freezing even in winter, amazing turquoise color. On the mirror of the lake can be seen divorces rounds or ovals in shape, which is essentially a reflection of the processes taking place at the bottom of the lake. There, in the mysterious depths, from time to time come to life "geysers", throwing on the surface of a mixture of bluish clay and sand that form visible concentric circles at the bottom. Lunch in the Aktash village. After Lunch excursion along the Ulagan district. We pass a natural monument “Red Gate” a place where the road is situated between two rocks of reddish color, reach Chjejbekkol (Dead) Lake and Uzunkol (Live) Lake, filled with plenty of fish. The last point is - Ulagan pass (2080 m.ats).Transfer to the tour complex “Kochevnik”. Dinner in a canteen. Russian banya (sauna) with the possibility of dip in a mountain river Chibitka.


Day 7. The source Arzhan-Suu 140 km by auto.

After breakfast we are going to Barnaul city. On the way stop is the source “Arzhan-Suu”. Water in the spring is full of silver, cooper and other mineral impurities that is why the water is stored for a long time and have a beneficial effect on the improvement of metabolic processes in the body. A large gift- market is located near the source where you can buy maps, books, art, articles made of cedar. Lunch in a café. Arrive in Barnaul around 7:00 p.m. Accommodation in the hotel Barnaul, in twin rooms. Dinner.*


Day 8.

Transfer to airport.


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