Rules of Use

  • Clumus is a service for people, who travel (Travelers) and people, who like to organize the travel (Organizers).
  • Travelers and Organizers are, collectively, called Users.
  • Any adult citizen of any country can be a Traveler.
  • An individual or a company can act as an Organizer.
  • To conclude an agreement with Clumus, Organizers and Travelers register online, on the website. After they have registered, the agreement is concluded on the terms of the "Public Tender Offer."
  • The legal nature of the agreement is its license agreement – Clumus gives users the right to use the site as stipulated by its functionality.
  • Clumus is authorized to change the offer and to renew the agreement on new terms.
  • The first action does not require consent. The second action is only possible if the Travelers and the Organizers confirm their consent, which means that they do not object to the corresponding letter within three days after the publication of the new version.
  • Clumus is a platform for matching Travelers with Organizers and is not responsible for any consequence of the legal relationship between them.
  • Each user has the right to forego the opportunity to use the service by clicking on the "Delete profile" tab in his/her personal account.
  • In order to offer to fulfill the Travelers' dreams, Organizers should use the standard functionality available in the Clumus personal account.
  • Some Organizers use Clumus for organizing promotions or incentive events (Raffles). Their purpose is to advertise the services of the Organizers.
  • An Organizer's proposal should contain all the terms of the implementation of the services required by law and important to at least one Traveler.
  • Such a proposal has the virtue of the offer, so that the Travelers who agree to it are, in fact, concluding the agreement with the Organizer.
  • The conclusion of the agreement is confirmed by an electronic voucher, which is issued for the purchase of services or upon winning a Raffle.
  • Organizers are in their right to change the information about the services. In terms of travel or similar commercial services, Organizers have the right to do it personally at any time.
  • In other cases, the information can be changed by Clumus on request of the Organizer and only when it is compulsory.
  • Every Traveler has the right to use Clumus for any purpose, clearly provided by the service, including buying tourist services, donating money for non-profit projects, and taking part in the promotions (Raffles).
  • In order to participate in promotions, Travelers pay the right to use the advanced functionality of Clumus. This right is granted to those who have a sufficient number of rating points.
  • The rating points are not a form of payment and are non-transferrable; their legal nature is bonus points.
  • Every Traveler has the right to donate any amount of money to anyone, but the right to participate in a promotion to get a gift is given only once.
  • Sharing on social networks is an integral part of participation in a promotion. Without sharing, there is no participation.
  • The Winner is determined by the participants of the promotion, who have made a pertinent personal contribution based on the following criteria: the highest personal rating and the earliest personal contribution.
  • The Winner goes on a journey. At this point, the Winner’s balance of rating points is zeroed while the balance of rating points of other participants remains unchanged and is carried over to any future promotions.
  • The Traveler who has won a Raffle has 24 hours to confirm his/her identity and 72 hours to agree to the terms and conditions of the implementation of the program with the Organizer. If he/she did not, his/her participation in the program is canceled.
  • If the traveler who won the raffle refuses his/her gift through the web interface, the procedure of determining the winner is repeated, but the balance of his/her rating points remains unchanged.
  • The traveler is entitled to demand refunds to a Clumus personal account as long as the funds were not passed to the organizer:
    • if the promotion or the project does not take place due to an insufficient number of contributions and its expiration, the funds will be returned to the travelers' personal accounts on the website, and the rating points are reduced to a value prior to participating in the promotion;
    • if the organizer has canceled the promotion or project that has not been paid by the travelers in full, the funds are returned to the travelers' personal accounts in full;
    • if the organizer neglected to provide the services in connection with the insurmountable language barrier of the traveler, funds are returned minus 15%.
  • Any payments provided by the website are carried out through an aggregator on ""
  • Clumus returns the funds to the traveler on his/her personal account in the payment system on "" minus the commission, which is 7% of the payment amount.
  • Clumus withholds the cost of use of the website with the Organizers: 15% of the value of implemented services, 15% of the value of each successful Raffle, 7% of the value of each successful Project.
  • Clumus transfers money to the Organizers 7 days before the date of services implementation, within 5 days following the start of the services, or within 5 days following the date the services were realized, depending on the availability of certifying documents.
  • Clumus and Users must comply with the law and the agreement. The Organizers bear responsibility for the services and Raffles.
  • Clumus is committed to guarding and protecting personal and confidential data.
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