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Raffles are for you if:

  • You are a bit short of money
    You’ve been dreaming of a wonderful adventure for a while, but you are still a bit under budget.
  • Traveling is not top priority
    You’d love to go on a unique tour, but you have more important things to spend your money on.
  • You are up for a challenge
    If you get a chance to set off for your dream adventure tomorrow,
    will you go?

Sounds like a plan?
Then go ahead and find out how to win a tour

  • Choose your tours and add them to your Wishlist

    Add interesting tours and adventures to your Wishlist to make them available for financing.

  • Invite friends

    Tours are included in our raffles only once they’ve generated a certain amount of interest, so use social buttons and email to invite friends and attract more participants.

  • Get notified

    Once an adventure from your Wishlist has the required number of participants, we will invite you to take part in a raffle.

  • Make a contribution

    Contribute $10 to your selected lot to receive 10 rating points and enter the raffle. The participants’ contributions go into a fund which will later be used to pay for the adventure.

  • Beef up your chances to win

    To win a tour, you need to have the highest rating by the end of the raffle. So join the game, increase your rating by all available means (see below), win a tour, and go traveling!

Earn rating points
and increase your chances to win

  • for rating content on our website
  • for each referred friend
  • for each $10 contribution towards raffle lots
  • for each $10 spent on buying a tour or an adventure
  • for each $10 spent on buying our Editor’s Choice tours
  • for reviewing your previous vacation
  • for publishing your vacation story *

* Points are awarded for every 50 ratings received from our users within 30 days from publication.

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  • Why do I need to sign up?
    • Only our registered users can earn bonus points, participate in a raffle and book or purchase a tour.
  • How do I take part in a raffle?
    • In order to participate, you must pay the minimum $10 contribution towards a lot’s fund. Earning bonus points that will increase your chances to win is voluntary.
  • How many contributions can I make per lot?
    • For each lot, you can make only one personal contribution allowing you to take part in the raffle and an unlimited number of sponsor contributions, each increasing your rating by 10 points.
  • What is a personal contribution?
    • A personal contribution is a fixed amount paid towards the price of a lot, increasing the contributor’s rating by 10 points and allowing them to participate in a raffle.
    • In order to have a personal contribution debited from their account, a participant must post information about the relevant lot on a social network.
    • Deleting the post later will mean waiving one’s right to participate in the raffle.
  • What is a sponsor contribution?
    • A sponsor contribution is a fixed amount paid towards the price of a lot and increasing the contributor’s rating by 10 points.
    • A sponsor contribution can be made any number of times until the lot’s fund is full.
  • What is a gift contribution?
    • A gift contribution can be made for another participant who has not yet made their personal contribution towards a chosen lot. The recipient will be informed of who sent the gift.
    • Rating points will be credited to the recipient’s account.
  • How do you select a winner?
    • Once the lot’s fund is full, 10 minutes after the last contribution the system will select a winner, that is, the participant with the highest rating. The winner will be offered to make use of the lot.
    • All participants will be informed of the raffle winner, their rating and the time when their personal contribution was paid. They will also be informed about the next three participants eligible for a win should the current winner waive their right to make use of the lot.
    • The winner will have 24 hours to confirm their profile details and the right to use the lot and 3 days to discuss their vacation dates with the tour organizer, as per the Terms and Conditions of our Public Tender Offer. Should the winner fail to confirm the above details with the website administration within allocated time, the system will select another winner.
    • Should more than one participants have the same winning number of points, the system will select the participant who made their personal contribution earlier than the others.
    • Once the winner has confirmed their right to use the lot, their rating will be reset to zero. Other participants’ ratings will remain unchanged and will be eligible for other raffles.
    • Should the winner ignore their win and fail to confirm their right to use the lot, they will be excluded from the raffle and their rating points will remain unchanged and eligible for other raffles. The raffle will go ahead and the system will select another winner.
  • How do I find out who won?
    • All participants will be automatically notified of the relevant raffle’s results, and a copy of the notification will be sent to their email provided in their dashboard.
  • Can I contribute anonymously?
    • The personal details listed in each participant’s dashboard must be genuine, otherwise, should a participant win, they may be stripped of the right to make use of the lot.
  • Can the winner be denied the right to use the lot?
    • Yes, they can if an unmanageable language barrier occurs between the winner and the tour organizer or the winner fails to verify their details or confirm their intention to make use of the lot within allocated time.
  • How and in which circumstances do you refund users?
    • The money paid for and towards programs, lots and projects can be refunded to a traveler’s personal account on our website if:
    • • The deadline for raising money for a lot or a crowdfunding project has passed. The money contributed by participants will be fully refunded to their personal accounts.
    • • The organizer cancelled a lot or a crowdfunding project before the fund was full. The money contributed by raffle participants / project sponsors will be fully refunded to their personal accounts.
    • • The buyer or the winner has voluntarily given up their right to use the acquired tour. Any refunds will be issued according to the relevant program’s cancellation rules, as listed below in order of priority:
    • • An unmanageable language barrier has occurred between the traveler and the tour organizer. A refund will be issued to the traveler’s personal account as per the Terms and Conditions of our Public Tender Offer.

Please refer to our Public Tender Offer for more details. Or get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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