Placing Tours and Adventures in Clumus

Have a look at how to submit your tours and adventures to Clumus, the best way to attract the attention of potential customers.

Think of a Catchy Title for the Program Announcement

The first thing that attracts customers attention is a title. A good headline allows users to understand clearly their future plans concerning conditions and places of their journeys.

Think of the 'catchy' title and the program announcement
Attract the attention using stylish photos and videos

Attract Attention Using Stylish Photos and Videos

Place large, high-quality photos and videos about the trip. Create an interactive map of the route with the help of built-in Google Maps. The pictures, videos, and maps (the media block) you choose is the face of your offer. Make it worthy of attention.


Create a Nice and Clear Program Description

Place a tour description consisting of what is included in a program and what should be paid additionally, a detailed itinerary, and useful information about the route. Upload any documents which describe the safety precautions of the route, and also have useful reminders for Travelers.

Create nice and clear project description
Show the people in your team

Show the People in Your Team

Publish information about the company, the team of guides, instructors, etc. Travelers want to be sure of the professionalism of those who handle their journey! The logo of the company, team photos, and other information will be shown in all the cards of your programs which are published on the website.


Create Last-Minute Offers and Get Early Bookings

Set discounts on group tours and offers for individual requests. Track booking applications in your personal account.

Create the last minute tours and get early booking
Start the 'word of mouth' — make a tour raffle

Start the Word of Mouth — Make Raffles

Encourage users to participate in raffles. As soon as any of your programs pick up the required number of Likes, the raffle will become available to everyone. Also, everyone who has added the program to their WishList will receive an automatic invitation to participate.


Take Care of Your Reputation

Get reviews only from real Travelers who have used the Clumus service. Answer any questions right in the programs cards. Publish news and stories about your projects with reference to cards of your programs.

Take care of your reputation
Привлекайте внимание путешественников из других стран

Attract the Attention of International Travelers

Add translations in foreign languages to the already published travel programs. All the key parameters that filter programs on the website, as well as information on prices, discounts, offers, and raffles, are automatically inherited by translated programs. You do not need to expend extra effort or time re-pricing or maintaining the relevance of this information for each translated program. What's more, the raffles can be funded at the same time by people from different countries.


Promote up to 5 Stars

We use unique algorithms on search engines and partner websites to attract target customers for your ad campaigns. We optimize all published content that improves the searching results for the target audience. All you need to do is to register the Organizer account in Clumus, place a full and qualitative description of your programs on the website, and maintain them periodically. Use word of mouth – tell your existing customers about the possibility of winning a journey on Clumus, and it will reengage your customers into your programs.

Promote up to 5 stars
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