Placing Crowdfunding Projects in Clumus

Is your team ready to realize significant social projects in the field of traveling, ecology, animal or nature protection? Have a look at how to present your projects in Clumus for the best ways to attract the attention of potential sponsors.

Think of a Catchy Title and the Project Announcement

The first thing that attracts users attention is a title. Make it clear and interesting for your target audience if you want them to fund your project.


Attract Attention Using Stylish Photos and Videos

Place high-quality photos and videos about the project. Record a video message to the users, asking them to support your project. Tell them about the reasons and aims of building the project and, most importantly, why you think it is important to realize it. If your project is implemented on the road and traveling itself is its core value, create an interactive map of the route with the help of Google Maps, which is available in the service.


Publish the Project Description

Tell the story of the project's emergence, and who or what things inspired you to implement it. Write about the timing of the ideas realization, the key factors affecting its success and the conditions of rewards delivery that you offer people in return for their financial support.


Show the People in Your Team

Publish information about the team – the people who are involved in the creation and implementation of the project. Include their photos and give some information about the competence of each member of the team. Projects with a human face always have a better chance of success. Sponsors want to feel involved in the project and be aware of the people who are entrusted with their funds.


Offer Tasty Rewards

Specify a financial goal of the project – the amount of money needed for its successful implementation and to cover your expenses on the creation and delivery of the promised rewards to the project sponsors. You define the price for each reward based on the cost of creating and delivering it, as well as the final amount required to implement the project.


Inform Supporters About Current Events

Answer the questions of project supporters directly in the program card. Publish news about the project regularly. Tell a final story on its successful implementation or the reasons for its failure. Experience is always invaluable and can help the authors of other projects. All publications linked to your projects are automatically displayed in their cards on the website. The "closer" you are to your supporters, the more chances for you to achieve goals and make your project popular.


Work with International Sponsors

Information on the financial goal of the projects, the amount of money collected, terms of funding, and arrangements for rewards are automatically inherited into the project translations in foreign languages that you publish on the website.


Promote up to 5 Stars

Share the information about your projects among friends, acquaintances, and contacts in your existing customer base. Submit a video on Youtube channels regarding the project card in Clumus. Publish information about your projects in social networks, and ask friends to share it. Write a press release to the media if you think that publicity will play a significant role in the success of a project.

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