FAQ for Travelers

  • Why register on the website?
    • There are many reasons. If you sign up on the website you can book the best thematic tours while only paying for confirmed bookings, take part in raffles, maintain direct conversations with tour Organizers, plan your own travel projects, support non-profit social projects, learn about your traveling companions before you travel with them, find friends and plan joint tours with them, publish stories about your travels, and enjoy the privileges of our bonus programs.
  • Is the registration free or not?
    • Registration is free. If you want to go on an amazing trip, just register as a traveler. After registration, you must specify the correct personal data in your account, as well as your email, to receive immediate notifications regarding your participation in the programs on the website.
  • How do you book and pay for a program on the website?
    • Select an interesting program. Then, on the booking page, select the type of participation (group or upon request), available units, dates, and the quantity of needed units. Then click the “BOOK” button. The program will be added to your bookings list on your personal account, and the system will send an automatic request to the Organizer of the program. Wait for a response from the Organizer – a confirmation message that it is possible to implement the program for the chosen dates or, in case of failure, renegotiating new dates. After all approvals, top-up your account balance in the required amount and pay for the reservation in the tab "My bookings." The agreement between you and the Organizer is made automatically at the moment of payment and will be available on the link "Agreement & Voucher." You may correspond with the Organizer on each deal and ask them any questions you may have. All correspondence between you and the Organizer is saved and can be used to resolve disputes.
  • What does the "personal contribution" for raffles mean?
    • "Personal contribution" is a fixed part of the payment value of the lot, which increases the rating of your account with 10 points and entitles you to win a raffled lot. By increasing your rating, you raise the priority in order to qualify for the use of lots that are financing. "Personal contribution" can be paid by Travelers in one lot only once. In order to pay, "personal contribution" has been deducted from your account; after payment of the contribution, you need to publish information about the program in a social network, through the form of a web service. Information about the publication is recorded in the payment. Removal of publication constitutes a waiver of the right to be elected the winner of a raffled lot.
  • What does a "sponsor contribution" for raffles mean?
    • A "sponsor contribution" is a payment of a fixed shared cost of the lot, which increases the rating of your account to 10 points but does not gives you the right to win in a raffle. However, this contribution does not abrogate this right if you have already paid the "personal contribution" in the lot or if you pay it later. You can pay any number of "sponsor contribution" in raffled lots, increasing your rating and priority in order to qualify for the use of the lots that you finance.
  • What does a "gift contribution" for raffles mean?
    • A "gift contribution" is paid by you and is included in the funds as a "personal contribution" of the recipient. A "gift contribution" can be paid for travelers, who have not made a "personal contribution" yet. After the payment, the other traveler will receive an automatic notification about the identity of a person, who had given this gift and in what program he may participate. If you pay a "gift contribution," your rating points are not charged, and it is credited to the recipient of the "gift contribution."
  • How is the winner selected?
    • Within 10 minutes after the last payment, when the fund of the lot is fully formed, the system selects the Winner, the participant with the highest rating, from among the participants of the lot.
    • All participants in the fund will be informed about the Winner, the rating and time of payment of their "personal contribution," as well as the next participants in the ratings applying for victory in case the Winner renounces their right.
    • The Winner is given 24 hours to confirm their right to implement the lot and confirm their profile data, as well as a further 3 days given in coordination with the Organizer of the program about the implementation date of the lot due to the terms of the "Terms & Conditions."
    • If the Winner of the lot does not give such evidence to the Clumus administration promptly, the system will select an alternate Winner from the ratings, according to the following: the participant with the highest rating; if several participants of the raffle have the same rating, the system will choose the Winner to be the participant who first made the "personal contribution."
    • When the Winner confirms their right to implement the lot through a voucher form, which will be available to them on their personal account, their bonus rating is reset to zero. The ratings of the other participants of the lot remain unchanged and are included in the participation of other lots.
    • If the Winner ignores or endorses the right to implement the lot, they are excluded from the definition of competitive Winner on the lot and their rating points remain unchanged and can be used for participation in other lots. The process of the competitive selection of a winner of the lot continues, and the system selects an alternate winner.
  • Is it possible to return the paid funds?
    • A refund is made on the personal accounts of Travelers in the following cases:
    • • The valid term of financing the lot on a raffle or non-profit project has expired. In this case, 100% of the funds are returned to the personal accounts of participants.
    • • Organizer initiated the cancelation of the lot on a raffle or non-profit project for which the fund has not been fully formed. In this case, 100% of the funds are returned to the personal accounts of participants.
    • • The right holder of the program refuses to implement it on his/her own initiative. A refund is made under the terms of program cancelation, ranked by priority:
      • in the “Service Agreement” attached by the organizer to the program (if available)
      • in the cancelations terms on the "Included/Not included" tab in the offer description
      • in the "Terms & Conditions" on the website.
    • • The Organizer refuses to provide services for the purchased program because of the emergence of a language barrier with the traveler. The paid funds are returned to the personal accounts of the participant under the terms of "Terms & Conditions."

Other answers to your questions can be found in the "Terms & Conditions." Alternatively, contact us via the feedback form.
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