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Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Step 1: Upload photo albums for programs and projects

Before creating the program or project, make sure that you have uploaded an album for it. Go to the section "Photos" in your personal account, create an album for this program, and upload photos to it. You will not be able to save the program without an attached album.

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Step 2: Upload the information about your team: instructors, guides, and other team members

Go to the section "Team" in your personal account, upload photos of your team members, and add a short story about each team member. Later, it will be easy to attach members to the program.

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Step 3: Upload documents: instructions, memos, rules of conduct on the route, and others

In the section "Documents," upload different, often-used memos, instructions for your customers, recommendations for preparing for tours and other memos, all in languages in which you plan to place programs in Clumus. Later, you can attach these documents to the programs easily.

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Step 4: Add programs of tours, weekend activities, and adventures

In the section "Tours and Projects," upload your programs or projects. Attach to the program or project, that was uploaded in advance, photos, instructors and guides, memos, and instructions. Then put in the description of the program. The more you say about the content of the program, the more it will increase the customer's interest. Save the description of the program and start filling a price list.

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Step 5: Set up the prices of the programs

You are available to fill prices for group tours or programs with fixed dates and tours/programs on request (for individuals). For group tours or programs, you should specify the selling units (1 place / SNGL / DBL / 1 seat in a jeep / 1 seat in a DBL-suite or others). Then, specify the date of implementation and the residents of places in groups for those dates. For programs on request, you should specify the selling units, prices, and periods of possible implementation.

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Step 6: Add translations of programs if you want to involve foreign customers

Please note that your program should be available on the website in languages in which your team is ready to provide services to customers.

Tip #1 Instructions for program placement on

Requirements for media content (photos and videos) placed on the website

  • They must be performed in good quality and have a horizontal orientation.
  • Photos and videos containing watermarks, logos, and lettering over them are inappropriate; pictures should have a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels.
  • The video should be preloaded on Youtube and then posted on the website via HTML-code; you should have the copyright or the right to use the published media content.
  • In case of copyright infringement, we can remove information from our website without your notice.

Requirements for programs and projects placed on the website

  • You must be a direct performer of the published programs, the title and description of your programs or projects should not mislead users, you cannot publish external links in the description of programs and projects or anywhere else or specify the price of your program in the description of the lot.
  • Prices of your programs should be the same as in your official price list or below them; you should be ready to use the official currency in which you are selling the participation in programs, and you should also be ready to take this currency to your bank account for calculation purposes.
  • Programs must be published in such languages that can be really understood and provided by your team.

Requirements to uploaded files (memos, instructions and etc.)

  • Documents should contain information essentially without third-party links and contact information.
  • File size allowed: up to 1 MB.
  • Valid file format: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX.
  • Files can be successfully downloaded and opened after uploading.
  • You must ensure that files are not malicious or infected by viruses.

Requirements to travel and project stories published in a blog

  • You must be the author of these publications.
  • Publications with explicit promotional materials are prohibited.
  • Placing of external links in the texts is prohibited.

The Principles of Business Partnership

  • You set all the prices by yourself. The prices of your programs should be the same as in your official price list or below them. Prices should also include the commission of our service.
  • The client must receive a written confirmation concerning booking requests and tour implementation through the messaging service in Clumus. Do not force the customer to call your office to get any necessary information. He may call from another region or country, so it can be very inconvenient and expensive for him. We are not responsible for your verbal agreements.
  • If a client made a booking request in Clumus, he should make all the payments via Clumus.

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