Benefits of Using a Clumus Service

  • The Best Choice
    We offer adventure tours directly from the Organizers from all over the world. Find unusual journeys and join the groups. Or, join tours on request, if you plan to travel with friends or family.
  • Detailed Search
    Convenient filtering and a fast search system save you time. Filtration using more than 10 parameters allows you to find the necessary travel programs with minimal effort.
  • The Best Prices
    Purchase tours at a fair price without overpayments and commissions. All programs are published by their Organizers. You can book a discounted tour on early booking conditions or last-minute offers. The price of published programs already includes all taxes and charges. As for the commission for transactions with your bank card — we undertake all the expenses.
  • Agreements Online
    Have you purchased or won a journey? The agreement with the Organizer is made automatically. You just save it to your computer, print it out, and take a copy with you on your journey. You may learn about the agreement conditions from the following link: "Terms & Conditions."
  • Warranty Deals
    Clumus — a guarantor of safe deals. We provide 100% control of deals up to their execution. Organizers receive money from us for paid tours only after your arrival to the starting place of the program in an agreed time or upon the full provision of services, depending on the status of the partner.
  • Compare and Select the Best Trip
    Compare travel programs by their content, level of service, and other options, and choose the one that's best for you.
  • Create Your Own Journey
    You can think of your own adventure based on the offers placed on the website. Just select the most suitable program for you, book it, and list your special requests in the form. You can get a price offer according to the results of a correspondence with the program Organizer, which may be even cheaper than the original cost of the tour you are interested in. As for the previously formed private and corporate groups, it is always cheaper than buying places on individual request.
  • Choose a Convenient Form of Participation
    Want to make new friends and expand your social circle? Choose group tours with fixed dates of implementation. Want to travel alone, as a couple, with friends or with colleagues? Book an individual, group, or corporate participation.
  • Find Traveling Companions and Friends with the Same Interests
    Find like-minded people in the community of Clumus. Meet, communicate, and plan trips together!
  • Book Your Trips for Free
    Book tours for free. Coordinate the conditions of the tour implementation with the Organizers by correspondence with them, and only then make a payment. This relieves you of risks connected with premature payment of unconfirmed programs. You can reserve participation in the program by paying only 15% of its value, and paying the remaining 30 days before the start of the trip when you are sure that your plans will not change.
  • Participate in Raffles
    Take part in the raffle of lots. Pay contributions in raffled lots; get rating points that are accepted in determining the winner of the lot. The more you pay contributions, the higher your priority over other parties in obtaining the right to win the lot. The winner is determined automatically by the highest personal rating, provided that the fund of the program is formed by 100%. Thus, you can realize your dream of an extraordinary adventure in a very reasonable price, even for $10!

    You could be the winner of the lot with any cost, paying only $10 or a little more, but if you win, your rating will be zeroed. A rating of the other participants will remain unchanged and will be taken into account in other lots in which they will take part. Sooner or later, you are guaranteed become the winner of a raffled lot. In some cases, funding for lots in Clumus may have the character of accumulation system and buying tours in installments.

    In the case of an unsuccessful funding of the lot in the prescribed period, all contributions will be returned to the personal accounts of participants automatically.
  • Make Gifts and Receive Gifts
    You can pay a gift contribution to a tour on a raffle for any Clumus participant you like. Getting a chance to go on a trip is probably better than any false promises. It is an excellent opportunity to meet people! And, of course, you can get such a present from other users. It is largely symbolic, but it's a nice gesture. It may also happen that you will go on a journey for free because of this contribution. What goes around comes around.
  • Share Your Impressions
    Have you recently returned from a trip? Share your experiences with the community in Clumus. Write and publish a story about your adventure. Place a review in a program on the website in order to allow users to take into account your opinion. The rating of tours is formed by such reviews, while the rating of the Organizers consists of an evaluation of their programs.
  • Collect Money for a Personal Trip or Crowdfunding Project
    Create your personal traveling idea or idea of a social project, place it in Clumus, and collect money for its implementation through Crowdfunding. Offer non-monetary rewards to users in exchange for their financial support. Collect a community of people around the project – relatives, friends, acquaintances, and Internet users. Inform them about the project on social networks and Youtube channels, write press releases, and ask the mass media to promote your project. Get support and implement the project. Write a story on its successful implementation and organize the delivery of the promised rewards to the project sponsors.

    Clumus takes 0% commission on successfully funded crowdfunding projects.
  • Support the Projects of Other Travelers
    Give your financial support for other members non-profit projects and choose the interesting rewards offered by their authors in exchange. Offer your help to the authors of these projects. Tell your friends about them, share links in social networks and blogs. The more people that know about the project that you support, the greater the chance of its success.
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