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and earn money towards your own vacations from every sale

Meet the Clumus Team
We bring unique tour and adventure organizers to this website to help travelers:
  • Find the right tour
    Find some of the most exciting tours in a matter of seconds
  • Book tours
    Contact tour organizers and book adventures online
  • Meet fellow travelers
    Get to know your fellow travelers beforehand and make new friendships

Better and quicker together!
We believe we can build our worldwide community of tour organizers more quickly if we are supported by people who know a thing a two about active and theme tourism and its organizers.
  • Types of tourism and active tours

    Check out our supported types of tourism in the website’s top menu or, even better, have a browse through our entire catalog of types of tourism and active tours.

  • Tour organizers we work with

    Tour operators, tourist clubs, certified guides and instructors, schools and clubs specializing in various activities.

  • Think global

    Tourism is a global phenomenon. This is why we aim to represent tour organizers and offer adventures from all over the world and in multiple languages.

Where to start?
  • Sign up for a Traveler Dashboard

  • Copy the link with your ID (see below)

  • Think of who you could recommend Clumus to

  • Send your ID link to tour organizers

Once the tour organizer visits our website using your link, we will place your ID into their browser’s cookie files and keep it there for 30 days. As soon as the tour organizer registers with our service, they will be counted as your referral.
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Your revenue
Get up to 5% of our profit from each tour sold by our service and organized by your referral, for life.

For example:
Tour organizer Tours sold Tour price Total Your profit
A100$ 100$ 10 000$ 75
B50$ 500$ 25 000$ 188
C100$ 1 000$ 100 000$ 750
How much you will earn towards your vacation:$ 1 013
Just imagine...

“By simply making a timely referral, you can easily fund your own adventures without any extra effort!”

* The system will automatically notify you about each tour sold by your referral.

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