Advantages of Cooperation with Clumus

Are you engaged in the creation of thematic travel programs and adventures, or social projects in the field of tourism?

Place your programs and projects in Clumus and achieve your goals with us!

  • Absolutely Free
    Create your own department in the storage of active journeys with Clumus. Place an unlimited number of your programs and projects for free. Edit, fix prices, and set up discounts at a convenient time. Your personal account is under your control.
  • Online Sales
    Clumus is an additional channel of your offers, promotion, and sales. Get early booking and sell tours online. Place your adventure programs in Clumus and start selling today! You may track down bookings, as well as all the payments. Moreover, it is possible to monitor the process of funding of social projects, raffles, and accounting with Clumus for successfully completed deals.
  • Zero Costs
    We undertake all customer acquisition costs. We invest to the advertisement and use unique algorithms of attracting the target audience during promotional campaigns on search engines and partners' websites.
  • Make Raffles
    Due to such raffles, you can get new customers without wasting time and money. Our system will automatically notify all the participants about available raffles and successful deals. In addition, the program can close the deal or renew a raffle.
  • Agreements Online
    Sell more and do not waste your time on signing agreements. The agreement will be automatically signed with a Traveler after the payment for a deal or his/her confirmation of winning a lot. Just confirm the date of a program implementation with a Traveler, meet him/her at the airport, and get the money for the tour from Clumus.
  • No Financial Risks and Losses
    During the booking process, users confirm the dates of a journey with you via direct correspondence and only after that will they pay for it. In the case of a program being paid but a Traveler refusing it on acceptable dates, we will return the money to the client’s personal account. If a Traveler refuses a program after all the acceptable dates, you will get the money in the amount prescribed by the terms of the cancelation of the program net of service fees.
  • Create the Best Programs
    Compare your offers with others by their content, level of service, and other options. Customize your offers for a specific target audience that you are interested in. Learn about your prospective customers and make creative travel programs for them, minimizing your participation in the price competition with other companies for non-target customers.
  • Work with International Customers
    Make your offers available for all travelers from all over the world. Nowadays, you can place your programs on the website using 10 of the most popular languages on the Internet: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Improve the World with Social Projects
    Increase your company's importance in the eyes of society–implement social projects in the field of travel or related fields. Use your material and technical base coupled with team experience for the realization of such projects at the cost of your services through the Crowdfunding model. It is within your power to fulfill the dream of traveling for needy people, restoring or conserving natural monuments and places, or even to making our planet cleaner. Mobile and web-services may also help to make the life of travelers more convenient and easy.

You Get a Personal Account in Clumus with the Following Possibilities:

  • To place your travel programs and social projects in different languages for travelers from all over the world.
  • To upload and make available information about your company and the people on your team.
  • To get booking requests and confirm the date of tours implementation using direct correspondence with the travelers.
  • To control deals on your programs and tours with raffles.
  • To monitor the process of funding projects with the crowdfunding model.
  • To receive notifications of all events related to your existing programs on the website. Events of high urgency are duplicated on your email.
  • To control the accounting with Clumus for successfully completed deals.

What is the Cost of its Services

Placing your offers on Clumus is absolutely free. We earn only when you earn.

We take a commission:
contractual %for fully paid tours / programs
15%for successfully raffles
7%for successfully funded social projects
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