What you can do on Clumus

Get a chance to travel the world

for a token fee

Top up your balance
in your dashboard
Choose a travel plan
Make a contribution
within your plan
for others to fill up the holiday fund
Lots will decide
who goes travelling
You are the lucky one!
You can go travelling,
funded by other members!

Buy holidays at operator prices

Top up your balance
in your dashboard
Choose a holiday
and buy it
Arrange travel dates
with the operator and go on holiday

Post your holiday project

and get sponsor support

of a personal holiday
or a social project
Post your idea
on the website and offer
non-monetary rewards
Share your project
with friends and even the media and ask them to support you
for your project to raise enough money
Reward your sponsors
Go travelling
or bring your social project
to life

Support social projects

to make the world a better place

Choose a social project
Make a donation
and share the project with your friends
Get the reward
Get special thanks and rewards from the project creator

Go the extra mile

It makes life more fun

Get bonus pay
Invite friends and get bonus $$$
Get an extra entry
in our 100+1 Chance competition
Post your travel stories
to win cash and our prize cup